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Saloon / Sedan

Ideal for Up to 4 Passengers Plus 2 Standard Suitcases(20kg Maximum) and 2 Hand Luggages or 4 Passengers Plus Hand Luggage. Child Seats NOT Available for This Type Vehicle.



Ideal for Up to 4 Passengers Plus 4 Standard Suitcases(20kg Maximum) and 2 Hand Luggages. Baby, Child and Booster Seats are Available For This Vehicle.


People Carrier / MPV

These Can Accommodate Up to 5 Passengers Plus 5 Standard Suitcases (20kg max), or 6 Passengers Plus Hand Luggage. Baby, Child and Booster Seats are Available For This Vehicle.



Ideal For Up to 3 Passengers, 2 Standard Suitcases (20kg Maximum) or 4 Passengers With Hand Luggage. E-Class Mercedes or Similar. Child Seat Not Available for This Vehicle.



These Can Accommodate 8 Passengers Plus Up to 7 Standard Suitcases (20kg maximum). Baby, Child and Booster Seats are Available For This Vehicle.

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Gatwick Airport Taxi | Affordable Cabs to Gatwick Airport

When it comes to booking a Gatwick Airport Taxi, having a comfortable and spacious ride makes your journey blissful. Jewel Cars takes pride in being among the most accessible car rental companies, with convenient bookings and a customer-centric approach. We have an exclusive range of fleets for all types of passengers who want a comfortable and secure Taxi to Gatwick Airport. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your entire crew, we will ensure a comfortable travel experience and on-time arrival at the Airport. The quick and easy process and transparent pricing save your time while offering peace of mind. Besides, you get an experienced Chauffeur with every ride who will attend you at your pickup point and settle you in for the Gatwick Airport Transfer. Let’s make your Airport Transfer a journey full of comfort and convenience!

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Jewel Cars — A Premier Gatwick Airport Taxi Service Provider

Jewel Cars is a well-known and experienced transport service provider specializing in Gatwick Airport Transfers. Whether you need a taxi from Gatwick Airport or to the Airport, we are your trustworthy travel partners with a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our professionalism is well-described by our customer ratings and certifications.
Our exclusive transportation services and versatile range of fleets redefine airport transportation. Also, we have hired the most professional drivers to operate our vehicles and ensure the comfort of travelers. 
All these services are available at a transparent pricing which can be conducted via different payment methods. Not only do we offer high-quality services, but we are building a legacy in comfortable transfers with our passion and reliability.

What Makes Us a Reliable Choice for Cabs to Gatwick Airport?

Exclusive Fleet for Gatwick Airport Transfer

Every traveler has a different requirement while traveling from or to Gatwick Airport. Some travel with family and kids, while group travelers seek a spacious vehicle for a comfortable ride. Also, people in business, CEOs, and celebrities prefer luxury vehicles that meet their travel needs. Henceforth, Jewel Cars has invested in multiple types of vehicles and made them available as taxis to Gatwick Airport. From MPVs and luxury Sedans to Minibuses, our fleet is rich in every kind of vehicle you need to travel with comfort and convenience. 

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Licensed and Certified Chauffeurs

At Jewel Cars, we have employed certified and experienced Chauffeurs to make your journey reliable. They know the routes and can conduct pick-up or drop at any point of your choice. Even if you want a cab for sightseeing, their knowledge will prevent hassles and make you enjoy everything.

As they are professionals, you can expect them to arrive on time and make you reach your destination conveniently. Also, they have dedicated hospitality skills for attending the travelers, managing their luggage, and ensuring their comfort throughout the travel.

Convenient Online Booking

We offer an online platform using which you can easily book a taxi to Gatwick Airport. It just takes a few minutes to get a quote according to your travel requirements and book a taxi. Just enter the pick-up and drop-off location and click “Get Quote” for the prices. If the prices match your travel budget, you can log in and book a Gatwick Airport taxi online. Also, if you have any queries, our customer support team is available on WhatsApp at your convenience. Chat with our expert and get your queries resolved in no time.

Transparent Pricing

As a reputable service provider, Jewel Cars has dedicated itself to offering transparent quotes without any hidden charges. After selecting the locations, you will instantly get the upfront quote, which will include everything. We provide the exact quote that includes the taxes, fair charges, fuel and all the amenities available.

It means you won’t be paying beyond that amount unless you make changes to your trip. Also, there are no extra charges on delayed flights, and basic amenities, offered with the cab. We accept various payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. 

24/7 Availability of Taxi near Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport has flights scheduled day and night. With Jewel Cars, you don’t have to wait until the morning if your flight arrives at midnight. We offer Gatwick taxi services 24/7 and take bookings online as well as via meet and greet.

You can get a safe and comfortable transport anytime throughout the day at an affordable price. Regardless of the passengers, all types of taxis are available 7 days a week to aid your Airport transfers. Our chauffeurs are trained to be punctual and respond quickly to the Airport Transfer requests so that you don’t have to wait for your taxi more than a few minutes.

Supports Customers of All Ages

Unlike most taxi service providers, our vehicles accommodate passengers of all age groups. From infants to senior citizens, we have several options for taxi vehicles to meet your personalized travel needs.

For instance, our MPVs, Minibuses, and Estate vehicles have baby, child, and booster seats unlike most of the cabs. This means you can travel with your cute little toddler without compromising safety and comfort. 

Dedicated Flight Monitoring System

As an advanced transport company, we utilize technology for your convenience. Our cars feature a dedicated flight monitoring system, allowing us to track your flight and arrive on time. This help us track the status of flights and help passengers whether they are arriving or travelling through Gatwick Airport.

Even if you’re traveling to the Airport to board a flight, this system enables us to track delayed flights and keep you informed. The motive of this innovative implementation is to maintain punctuality and ensure convenience of the arrivals.

Our Gatwick Airport Transfer Symbolize the Professionalism

Cabs to Gatwick Airport

First and foremost, our primary transportation service is to provide high-quality cabs to Gatwick Airport. The chauffeur will arrive at your selected location and give you a comfortable ride to the Airport with your luggage.

Not only do we offer cabs for people traveling to airports, but you can also book a cab on your arrival and reach your destination from the Airport. The cabs are available near the airport and can pick you up within a few minutes after the booking.

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Group Transportation

Jewel Cars exclusively offers group transportation services for up to 8 passengers with 7 Standard Suitcases. The credit goes to our MPVs and Minibuses, which are designed to carry the whole crew without compromising comfort.

As they are spacious vehicles, they offer extensive legroom, child seats, and large boots to aid your travel. Moreover, you can expect them to be comfortable for all the passengers, eliminating problems such as suffocation and seat management.   

London Sightseeing Tours and Travel

Want to explore the epic beauty of London? Let’s do this while sitting in a comfortable ride with a guide to assist you. From Big Ben to the Tower of London, we are here to fulfill your dream of London exploration.

The chauffeurs know the direction of all the famous places to visit in London and can take you wherever you want. Besides the transportation, we are here to be your companion during the trip and get you the best out of it. You can communicate with our team for custom sightseeing tours and travel packages.

Meet and Greet Services

Our meet and greet services are for those who are looking for a taxi to Gatwick Airport and the chauffeur to greet the arriving person. Especially if you’re a businessman and your client is arriving at the Airport, this service can make a lasting impression and elevate your client relationships. 

Our Chauffer with arrive on time, attend your guest and greet them according to your brand guidelines. In addition to this, you can also book the cab for travelling yourself or any person of your business for meet and greet your arriving client.

Travel with Comfort, Travel with Jewel Cars

Jewel Cars is the epitome of professional transportation services in Gatwick. From professional services to a versatile fleet, we have collaborated everything that you need to make your travel comfortable and convenient.

Our vehicles are well-maintained and adhere to all the regulations of the country. It means you can trust us for a comfortable riding experience and safety throughout your Gatwick Airport Transfer. This blend of professionalism and attention to customer experience makes us stand out in the industry.

With our transport services, we are redefining travel experiences and putting smiles on the faces of travel enthusiasts. Jewel Cars is creating a legacy of quality travel experiences and invites you to be a part of it!

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