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Saloon / Sedan

Ideal for Up to 4 Passengers Plus 2 Standard Suitcases(20kg Maximum) and 2 Hand Luggages or 4 Passengers Plus Hand Luggage. Child Seats NOT Available for This Type Vehicle.



Ideal for Up to 4 Passengers Plus 4 Standard Suitcases(20kg Maximum) and 2 Hand Luggages. Baby, Child and Booster Seats are Available For This Vehicle.


People Carrier / MPV

These Can Accommodate Up to 5 Passengers Plus 5 Standard Suitcases (20kg max), or 6 Passengers Plus Hand Luggage. Baby, Child and Booster Seats are Available For This Vehicle.



Ideal For Up to 3 Passengers, 2 Standard Suitcases (20kg Maximum) or 4 Passengers With Hand Luggage. E-Class Mercedes or Similar. Child Seat Not Available for This Vehicle.



These Can Accommodate 8 Passengers Plus Up to 7 Standard Suitcases (20kg maximum). Baby, Child and Booster Seats are Available For This Vehicle.

Your Reliable Option for Gatwick to Canterbury Taxi Services

Traveling from Gatwick Airport to Canterbury requires a reliable and comfortable mode of transportation. At Jewel Cars Gatwick, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional taxi services, ensuring a stress-free and efficient journey from Gatwick to Canterbury.

Gatwick to Canterbury Taxi: A Convenient Option

Our Gatwick to Canterbury taxi service is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable travel experience.

Distance and Travel Time: The distance between Gatwick Airport and Canterbury is approximately 65 miles via the M25 and M20 motorways. Travel time by taxi typically ranges from 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the chosen route. At Jewel Cars Gatwick, our experienced drivers ensure timely departures and efficient navigation, ensuring you reach Canterbury comfortably and on schedule.

Punctuality Assured: Punctuality is paramount in our services. Our drivers guarantee timely pickups at Gatwick Airport, allowing ample time for a relaxed journey to Canterbury. We prioritize your schedule, ensuring stress-free travel arrangements.

Comfortable Rides: Experience comfort and convenience in our well-maintained taxis. Equipped with modern amenities, our vehicles promise a relaxed and pleasant travel experience from Gatwick to Canterbury.

Easy Booking Process and Reliable Services

Effortless Reservations: Booking a taxi from Gatwick to Canterbury with Jewel Cars Gatwick is straightforward. Utilize our user-friendly online platform or contact our customer service team for seamless reservations, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Professionalism and Reliability: At Jewel Cars Gatwick, professionalism and reliability are our cornerstones. Our drivers are skilled and dedicated to ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for passengers traveling from Gatwick Airport to Canterbury.

Competitive Pricing: Enjoy competitive fares for our Gatwick to Canterbury taxi services. We offer excellent value for your money while maintaining quality and reliability in our services.

Customer-Centric Approach

24/7 Availability: We operate round the clock to cater to your travel needs. Regardless of your arrival time at Gatwick Airport, our services are available to transport you to Canterbury promptly and safely.

Tailored Travel Solutions: We understand the importance of personalized services. Our Gatwick to Canterbury taxi services are tailored to accommodate your specific travel requirements, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable ride.

In conclusion, Jewel Cars Gatwick stands as a reliable and trusted transportation service, providing Gatwick to Canterbury taxi services. Book your ride with us for a stress-free and enjoyable journey from Gatwick Airport to Canterbury.